Black spruce organic-Zayat Aroma-32ml


This widespread Canadian conifer offers a very invigorating, very energetic and revitalizing essential oil.

Dr. Pénoël recommends it in order to tone the nervous and immune system, to help cure bronchitis, in case of chronic fatigue and muscle and rheumatic pain.

When you need to revitalize and energize the entire body, put 10 to 20 drops of black spruce essential oil in the palm of your hand and massage the lower back region (near the waist) for 1 to 2 minutes.

 Origin of this essential oil

This essential oil organic of black spruce from Canada is distilled from the twigs of the tree.


Organic black spruce from Canada is obtained by distilling the needles of this conifer, which is the most common in the boreal forest.

This oil can be diffused to strengthen the immune system.

To revitalize and energize the whole organism, applying it as a local massage on the lower back region (near the waist) for 1 to 2 minutes.

More subtly, black spruce helps support our efforts and brings recognition of the importance of reaching for the highest peaks with courage, confidence and patience.


Keep away from children, air, heat and light.

Crop type : Wild & certified organic
Appearance: Very fluid, almost colorless, slightly yellow liquid.
Odor: Fresh odor typical of black spruce.
Properties of oils:
Anti fungal
Well-being – Toning
Oils recommendations:
Synonym: Abies mariana, Picea brevifolia
INCI: Picea mariana leaf oil

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