Douce Mousse Moisturizing Lotion


By using gentle cleansers, you help prevent your baby’s skin from becoming more dry. The Douce Mousse cleansing gel is the logical starting point. In order to continue the basic care, a moisturizing lotion of quality will fill the small failures because the delicate skin of babies secretes very little sebum. In addition, the heat, the friction of clothing on the skin, external pollutants will help dry out the skin, which often results in the appearance of small redness.

You can also apply the moisturizing lotion after a day in the sun to rehydrate the skin, don’t forget to protect it well with the Douce Mousse sunscreen.



The formulation of our Douce Mousse moisturizing baby lotion includes shea butter, olive oil, calendula oil and sunflower oil which promotes massage.

Shea Butter: Shea butter helps regulate skin hydration and has a positive effect on skin elasticity.

Olive oil: One of the components of olive oil is almost equivalent to human sebum, which helps the epidermis to stay hydrated and protect itself against external aggressions. Thanks to its content of polyphenols (powerful antioxidants) and vitamins, olive oil has emollient and anti-inflammatory properties which deeply nourishes and tones the skin. This oil effectively fights against dryness of the skin.

Calendula oil: Calendula oil is great for treating skin problems like irritation, dry, itchy skin. It is antiseptic, healing, restorative and anti-inflammatory.

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