Epices de cru - Jerk Spices 25g

Authentic Jamaican spices blended with an assortment of herbs and lots of Scotch bonnet chilies.

A blend native to Jamaica, the word ‘jerk’ refers both to the spices in the blend and to the techniques of cooking the meat. Traditionally, the pork is marinated with these spices for several hours prior to long, slow, smoky cooking. However, today Jerk Spices are commonly used on ribs, chicken and pork for slow cooking on the barbeque. Spice Trekkers Jerk Spices honors the Caribbean tradition, blending allspice with aromatic herbs and, naturally, heaping portions of the fiery habanero chile.

Ingredients: allspice, scotch bonnet chilies, chile habanero, thyme, shallot, mace, bay leaf, allspice leaf.


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