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Be the king of the terrace this summer! Amaze your guests with these beautiful and delicious cocktails. Turn your drink into flavorful nirvana for your taste buds! Savor a magnificent cocktail without having to leave your home! Drop your gorgeous 3D Cocktail Bomb and watch it dissolve into a delicious and tasty cocktail or mocktail the choice is yours!

In an instant, you will be transformed into a mixologist by creating a cocktail soaked in rum, gin, vodka, tequila or simply a fruit juice or a tonic.



How to use the products:

  1. POUR THE ALCOHOL: The quantity and type of spirits are indicated on the packaging. Each cocktail recipe is designed to work with a specific type of spirit (Gin, Vodka, Rum, Whiskey, etc.) – this is called the “base” (you can also invent your own recipe).
  2. ADD A 3D COCKTAIL: It’s the highlight! You can add 3D Cocktail in alcohol. Most of our products “melt” in the liquid and start to dissolve in front of your eyes!
  3. MIX: By this point the products should have dissolved almost completely the same! We recommend stirring the drink a little to mix it completely. The time it takes to stir depends on the recipe – because we use natural ingredients, some of them are naturally slower to dissolve.
  4. ADD SPARKLING OR REGULAR WATER: Add the amount of sparkling or plain water indicated in the instructions. If you like it more intense, you can put less water in it. If you want to try something funky, you can add crushed ice instead!

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