Zayat Aroma- Antitik

This Antitik mixture is based on thuja hydrosol and repellent and antibacterial essential oils with well-known properties to repel insects.

There is no alcohol in this mixture.

The mixture is designed to be applied to clothing, exposed parts, arms and legs.

Do not spray on the face!

All our blends are made with essential oils of therapeutic quality respecting precise dosages in aromatherapy and are therefore not harmful to the skin or the body.

Zayat Aroma has had excellent feedback from customers on this synergy.

Some people use it on their pets and have mentioned that their dogs are tick free!

You can apply it every 2 hours when you are walking in the woods or outdoors.


Composition: thuja hydrolate, essential oils of true lavender, rose geranium, lemon eucalyptus, eucalyptus globulus, thuja, linalool thyme, camphor, rosemary and cloves, solubilizer (polysorbate).


Size: 125 ml


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